Flat Pack Fabric Bookcase Stores Books Like Clothes

© DEDE Dextrous Design

Bookcases aren't as simple as they were in the past. Nowadays, bookcases are functional hybrids; composting and growing food indoors, stacked but ready-to-go as moving boxes, or even integrated into a staircase. But this one may be a first or at least a rarity: DEDE Dextrous Design, a duo hailing from Greece, combine the bookcase with a textiled mentality in Fa.B., a flatpack shelving system that is made out of fabric and birch plywood.

© DEDE Dextrous Design

Using a modular system of hanging book pockets that act as "shelves," it's a design that is meant to be mobile (it comes with castors), is made with recyclable and sustainably-harvested materials, and is expandable, just like hanging more clothes onto a rack. Not only can it act as a repository for one's library, it can also double as a room divider. The designers explain their choice of using fabric shelving on their site:

The fabric units are made of a recyclable, resilient, stain resistant, wrinkle-free fabric. The use of the durable fabric along with the minimum possible use of wood, allow us to consume as little natural resources and raw materials as feasible, according to the "dematerialization" approach that our times require.

© DEDE Dextrous Design
© DEDE Dextrous Design

Thanks to its unexpected appearance, it has an archival-looking quality to it, and though it's not the most conventional bookcase out there, it's at least an unique attempt at re-imagining a typical household element. More details on the DEDE Dextrous Design website.

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