Costa Rican Designer Beautifully Re-Invents the Pedestal Fan

© Marco Gallegos

Air conditioning is a big issue, not only for North Americans who may believe it is actually a human right, but also for developing nations: its use is exploding in India, China and even in Latin America, where families getting out of poverty see window-refrigerators as one of the first novelties to bring home when money allows.

What to do to at least slow down this energy-devouring trend? Turning the thing off in developed nations with alternative ways to beat the heat is a starter, and making these alternatives so cool that air conditioning stops being an aspirational item for the developing population should be the following step.

In this line of thinking, re-designing the fan is not a small thing, and it's encouraging to see a designer from below the Equator giving it a go.


Fan(c)Fan is a creation by Costa Rican Marco Gallegos ( DIconexiones), who sought to reinvent the pedestal fan by changing its typical scale and materials.

The single tube leg is replaced with a beautiful, tall wooden tripod, which holds an iron frame taken to its minimal expression. Its metal blades are replaced with wooden ones and designed to make efficient use of air.

© Marco Gallegos

© Marco Gallegos

© Marco Gallegos

Although the whole ensemble is much larger than the regular fan and not very practical space-wise, its appearance is light and beautiful.

Gallegos says this is the first of a series of appliances he intends to recreate by challenging common forms and materials.

© Marco Gallegos

The designer is currently doing a MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design. More at his website.

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