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Stair of the week is a multifunctional chameleon in small family apartment

This stair does it all: it's a connector, a partition, a bench, a counter and a concealer of clutter.

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  • xeno_nung_chair.jpg

    Xeno Object's Bamboo Nung Chair

    November 1, 8:33 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    The Nung chair is part of Xeno Objects' first collection. Created by the company's partner and head designer, Jake Huke, Nung, which means "first" or "one" in Thai, is made entirely by hand in Thailand from bamboo fibers that are sealed

  • davidbergmanlamp.jpg

    David Bergman Fibonacci Lights

    October 31, 6:58 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Fire & Water’s Fibonacci ceiling, wall, and table lamps aren't just good looking, they walk the talk. Made from sustainably-harvested veneers in bamboo, maple, and anigre with process chlorine free (PCF) vellum, and steel, these enlightened lamps are

  • etra_outdoor_bench.gif

    Etra Indoor+Outdoor Bench

    October 30, 6:30 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Made with sustainably-forested certified Ipe wood and electropolished stainless steel, the Etra bench by Modern Furniture naturally resists rot, insects, UV exposure, ice, salt, abrasion, and splintering. And since Ipe is 3 times harder than teak, it’s

  • PVTVframe.jpg

    PV-TV Exterior Building Panels

    October 28, 4:59 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Developed last year by the Tokyo-based MSK Corporation in conjunction with chemical company Kaneka and Japanese architecture firm Taiyo Industries, PV-TV is an amorphous silicon technology that can act as glazing, a solar panel, and even a video display

  • green roof house.jpg

    Building the Green Roof

    October 27, 11:54 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Green roofs: they’re not just for hobbits anymore. In fact, they’re beginning to make to their way across the Atlantic from Europe, and one of the places that could use them most is the East Coast... That’s because planted roofs—usually made up of hardy,

  • kddo table.gif

    KDDO Coffee Table

    October 24, 6:45 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Christopher Douglas's Knock-Down/Drag-Out Jr. coffee table--the companion to his KDDO dining table, chair, and bed--was an invention of necessity. Tired of frequent packing, moving, and unpacking, he ingeniously devised a line of furniture that suited

  • ca soap 2.jpg

    Ça Soap!

    October 23, 6:48 PM by TreeHugger in Bathroom Design

    What is this, you might ask? It's Ça soap by C.Quoi from Illico Design. Not only does this new-and-improved bar fit ergonomically in your hand, it's made only from natural ingredients--olive oil and laurel oil--with no artificial color or fragrance, so

  • Mirra.jpg

    Mirra Chair for Herman Miller

    October 21, 2:51 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    When version 1.0 of Herman Miller’s Mirra chair hit the market in Spring 2003, the task chair became an instant classic. Maybe that because it’s designers, Studio 7.5, are committed to an Eamesian design philosophy. Aside from being ergonomically

  • Hudsoncredenza.jpg

    Hudson Credenza by Modernlink

    October 20, 10:17 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Versatility is the key to Modernlink's Hudson credenza, a streamlined achievement in bamboo. With seven seamless drawers, it's finished on all sides so there's no need for it to be a wall flower, yet even at center stage, Hudson is a stunning yet

  • Jonas Hauptman lounge chair.jpg

    Hauptman Lounge

    October 17, 11:30 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Jonas Hauptman's ReSeat lounge is a wooden shell made from a composite of reconstituted Aspen tree flakes and a formaldehyde free adhesive system. The artist specifically uses Aspen wood because it's fast-growing and easy to plant and harvest. It's also

  • PurplePreserveShadow2.JPG

    Preserve Toothbrush

    October 16, 9:00 AM by TreeHugger in Bathroom Design

    Can a toothbrush be sexy? It appears so. The Preserve toothbrush is made from post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled plastics. And if you return it to Recycline at the end of its lifecycle, they'll repurpose it. They even provide a postage-paid return

  • Toyo Ito Ripples 2004.jpg

    Ripple Bench by Toyo Ito

    October 13, 2:48 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Renowned Japanese architect Toyo Ito redesigned his Ripples bench this year and Horm has put it into production. Last month, it won Italy’s prestigious Compasso D’Oro Award, which recognizes the finest in European industrial design. The bench melds

  • desklucy.jpg

    Lucy Desk by Richard Holbrook

    October 13, 12:04 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    The Lucy desk is part nouveau inspiration, part throwback to days gone by. Designed by Richard Holbrook, the work surface can bear up to 300 pounds, but weighs in at fewer than 40. The hollow body work surface uses less than half the raw materials of a

  • yotel.jpg

    Yotel No-Tell Hotel

    October 13, 8:10 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Modelled after the little capsule hotel rooms (which we recently saw featured on Comedy Central and Dave Attell's "Insomniac", in the cleverly named "Sloshed in Translation" episode) so popular in Tokyo, U.K. entrepreneurial company Yo! has

  • EBS.gif

    Metro Paint

    October 11, 2:08 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    How cool is this? The regional government of Portland, Ore. is responsible for the area’s waste disposal. As part of their goal to recycle as much as possible, these west-coast brainiacs built a top-notch paint-recycling facility. Collected paint is

  • Mioculture pendant.jpg

    Mioculture Light Capsule

    October 11, 1:46 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Made from 100% wool felt, Mioculture’s pendants have one colored shell to direct light and another to diffuse it. The lights use a florescent light (woohoo!) and are ease to dissemble for recycling when the time comes to lay them to rest. A helpful pdf

  • MD280.jpg

    For Sale By Owner: MD280 Prefab Housing Unit

    October 8, 5:18 PM by TreeHugger in Modular Design

    Since Edgar Blazona is such a modern, progressive type, he'll be auctioning off his much-coveted

  • luxuscube.jpg

    Lux-us Light Cube

    October 8, 4:25 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Max Kistner’s durable, modular Lux-us light cubes are are lit with a circular fluorescent bulb, and can be used indoors or out. We’ve seen them used as storage boxes, bookcases, planters, stools (cushion optional), and even as beer coolers. These boxes


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