Winners of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Awards Announced

Must be fun to be a prince. Most people would probably consider it winning the birth lottery. But Prince Albert II of Monaco isn't spending all of his time at cocktail parties and working on his tan on a sail boat: His foundation has for goal to be an "accelerator of projects and solutions for the environment," and "it promotes sustainable and equitable management of natural resources."

To help highlight the good work done by certain individuals, it recently awarded prizes in three categories. Alain Hubert, the Belgian explorer and co-founder of the International Polar Foundation, won in the Climate Change category. Jane Goodall won in Biodiversity for her life-long commitment and pioneering research into chimpanzee behavior, which has transformed scientific perceptions of the relationship between humans and animals. Finally, Sunita Narain, the writer and environmental campaigner, received the Water Award for her work highlighting the need for water security and the use of rainwater harvesting in India. More photos and links below.

You can learn more about the three categories on the foundation's website: Climate Change, Biodiversity, Water.

::Prince Albert II Foundation Website

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