Vote For The Peace Corps at Ideablob

So many neat ideas on the web; Ideablob is a website where people with ideas for a venture can compete for $10,000 bucks every month. It is all so Web 2.0, with the jury being the website viewers. What is interesting to TreeHugger is that quite a few of the ideas are for good causes or green businesses.

When Scott Stadum was in the Peace Corps, his primary project was with the World Wildlife Fund; he worked to teach miners more environmental friendly methods of mining (non-mercury based), sustainable logging and in general environmental outreach. He tells us that most most Peace Corps volunteer projects aim to be sustainable and green; volunteers look to use the least amount of resources to accomplish the most amount of good.

Scott wants the 10K to build a Facebook app to connect Peace Corps projects around the world to Facebook users that have time, energy or resources to adopt a project. Seems like a better use of 10K than glow-in-the-dark pacifiers. So register and let's pack the ballot box for the Peace Corps at ::Ideablob

*Caveat: Ideablob was set up by a credit card company "as a tool to help small business owners and entrepreneurs." Their privacy statement says that they may use the information collected (when you register) for their own purposes.


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