The Controversial Environmental Artwork of Christo and Jean-Claude (Slideshow)

Wrapped government buildings and surrounded islands, endless fences and saffron gates: This is the work of Christo and Jean-Claude. Famous for their large-scale installations, the couple has drawn controversy throughout their career, but the goal, but simply, has always been to make people happy with expressions of beauty.

As Jean-Claude explained, when people come to see their art, "They start smiling at each other, they start talking to each other, they are in a completely different state of mind. Is very rewarding for us, because they feel that freedom and they feel that they are witnessing something that happens once in a lifetime."

On November 18, 2009, Jean-Claude, wife and artistic collaborator of Christo, died in the couple's apartment. Following, is a celebration of the work she helped create.

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