Noon Solar, Shawnimals Rustle Up 100 Organic Ninjas For Earth Day

Photo credit: Shawnimals

Man, ninjas. You can trust those sneaky bastards as far as you can throw 'em. And eco-friendly ninjas? Well they're just a whole other bag of shurikens altogether.

Proving that two minds are wackier than one, an unlikely partnership between Noon Solar and Shawnimals has yielded the best Earth Day tie-in ever: a Forest Spirit Wee Ninja plush. The little guy even has a back story; it was once a regular ninja that melded with the forest, transforming into an elemental guardian that presumably rids the world of environmental evil-doers with exquisitely choreographed flying kicks before digging into a bento lunch of twigs, berries, and tofu.

The first Shawnimals plush to go 100 percent organic, the 9-inch-tall, handmade mini-master of stealth is made from a blend of organic cotton and hemp fleece, then stuffed with kapok-tree fiber. A pair of wooden eyes peer out from an eye mask crafted from 100 percent naturally dyed wool felt, while a hemp cord secures the leafy accoutrements that dangle off his side.

The Forest Spirit Ninja plush ($40, plus shipping) will launch itself into the annals of awesomeness come April 22. But don't dawdle—only 100 have been made, so snag one before it vanishes into the shadows forever.

Photo credit: Shawnimals

Photo credit: Shawnimals

Photo credit: Shawnimals
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