Make Today A Zero Waste Day

The can, bottle and plastics manufacturers and their lobbyists want you to celebrate America Recycles Day today. But recycling isn't good enough anymore; we have to do better. Let's make today a Zero Waste Day:

* Support a restaurant that has real mugs and china.
* Support companies that have deposits and returnable packaging.
* Buy only fresh food that comes without packaging.
* Buy electronics and tech from companies that take it back at the end of it's life.
* Don't buy anything disposable for just one day.

Here are some other R's that are a lot better than recycling:

Rot: Compost what is left over, turning it into valuable nutrients.

Refill: In Ontario Canada, 88% of beer bottles are returned to the beer store, washed and refilled; just south of the border in the USA, the number drops to under 5%.

Return: Producers should take back what they sell. More and more of them, like Apple and Dell, are doing so now.

Repair: Fix and mend things rather than replacing them.

Repurpose: If you are handy, a lot of things can be put to different uses than they were originally intended.

Of course, there are also the other two of the traditional 3Rs:

Reduce: Just use less.

Reuse: Almost boring, but we throw too much stuff out too soon.

And finally, Refuse: Simply don't buy stuff that is overpackaged. We don't have to take this crap.

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