Looking for Green at the Sportsmans Show

Every year I go to the Sportsmans show, the home of ATVs and fast boats and guns and ammo, and try to see if there are any trends that could possibly be called green in this motorized world. In the past I have found yurts and some neat bikes, but alas, the environmental movement as we know it hasn't made much of a dent in this milieu, and the pickings were few and far between.

In amongst the gas guzzlers, The University if Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team parked their hydrogen powered Chevy Equinox, which came in fourth in the last EcoCar challenge.

It has a big carbon fibre wrapped hydrogen tank in the rear;

Fuel cells under the floor;

And a big battery up front to capture energy from regenerative braking and for quick acceleration. Range for all this: 150 kilometers. When asked why they put this all into a big honking SUV like the Equinox, I was told that GM donated the vehicles and that was what was provided. More on the ecoCAR challenge at the University if Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team.

If you are going to drive a fuel efficient car, you don't want to tow a big heavy box when you go camping. The boat and trailer designers are also at the cutting edge of living with less and using space efficiently. The Dohertys have developed an updated version of the teardrop trailer, complete with LED lighting, clever tent extensions, lightweight sandwich panel construction and a low drag profile.

The whole thing weighs under 1000 pounds.

They copied the ingenious rotating window from the lid of a grated cheese container.

More information at Tadpole Trailers

All the huntin' and fishin' makes you hungry, and there seemed to be little but pizza and poutine around, until I noticed the display case with local organic baked baked goods. It is all lovely looking stuff, but wouldn't you know, the only healthy stuff in the joint is for dogs.

It is all "made from hand selected, all-natural, human grade ingredients and organic flours." We should all eat so well. Amelia Biscuit Company

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