Last-Minute Offset Shopping

If you're convinced that carbon offsetting works, you might like to check out the handy-dandy list compiled by Carbon Catablog for offsetting gifts earmarked for Christmas and the New Year.

While Christmas isn't the only holiday happening around this time of the year (Hannukah and Hajj just happened recently), the list manages to go through about 70 carbon offset providers who sell online and who are most likely to send you an X-mas card with your offsets.

A few providers include Canopy in Australia, Carbon Footprint, and the Carbon Neutral Company who offers an entire line of X-mas gift packages.
Big providers such as Terrapass (a TH advertiser) will not be found on the list, because unlike the others, they do not pimp out Christmas to sell offsets. Either way, if it's good for the environment, offset Christmas gifts could be fun.

Advice - we don't think 7-year-olds are quite ready for offsets in lieu of presents. See TH gift guide for more age-appropriate presents. And ho, ho, ho.

See also, Carbon Neutral Myth on Treehugger.

::Carbon Catablog

(disclaimer: this TH contributor writes for Carbon Catablog)

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