Just What We Needed Dept: Canned Oxygen

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Sigh. First they monetized the water; now the marketing wiz kids want us to pay for air. And it is working; in New York City it is flying off the drugstore shelves at sixteen bucks a can. Kevin DelGaudio, the "inventor" (it's been around for years) of Instant Oxygen, told CBS "You know you start falling asleep at the wheel a couple of intakes of ox and I'm wide awake."

Oh, there just isn't enough fresh air up there.

Right. Doctors disagree. "It's in the head," Dr. Eden [chief of pulmonary medicine at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital] said. "People will take oxygen and they'll feel better for it, but it's not necessary. There's plenty of oxygen in the air that we breathe." ::Gothamist via ::PSFK

What a waste, taking something free, compressing it into a disposable can and selling it to people who should just take a deep breath.

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Just What We Needed Dept: Canned Air
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