How an Abandoned Market Garden Was Occupied (Video)

Crisis of Civilization/Video screen capture

When anti-runway campaigners squatted an old market garden near London's Heathrow, it caused quite a stir. From debate over whether the Transition Movement should leave politics at the door to a dawn raid on the eve of the Royal Wedding, there's been plenty of drama to follow.

But there's been a quieter, equally important version of this story—as witnessed by the neighbors who welcomed these squatters into their community—reclaiming abused and abandoned land and using it for the common good can have a powerful impact.

Crisis of Civilization/Video screen capture

Now the folks behind the Crisis of Civilization film, whose cameras were there at the original occupation, have released a short film documenting how one piece of land can go from illegal rubbish dump to an important community resource.

Crisis of Civilization/Video screen capture

Of course staunch defenders of property rights will baulk at any suggestion that abused land should be reclaimed for better purposes, but I must admit I find it hard to see this as anything but a good thing.

Grow Heathrow - "Everything's Changing" from thecrisisofcivilization on Vimeo.

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