Hester Street Fair Pops Up at Henri Bendel on Fashion's Night Out (Photos)

The author with Hester Street Fair co-founder SuChin Pak. Photo: Emma Grady

On Fashion's Night Out (FNO) in New York, Henri Bendel's third floor was transformed into a massive pop-up shop featuring more than fifty local food and fashion vendors from the Lower East Side's beloved Hester Street Fair. Like the streets outside, the store was buzzing with shoppers and passerby tasting cupcakes anc checking out every corner of the store, all to the sounds of a live jazz set by Joelle and the Pinehurst Trio.

The best of part of the event was that the local vendors, many of whom are small, start-ups, had the chance to reach a new audience. "We are a downtown market filled with independent artists and designers creating one-of-a-kind and incredibly unique products that you won't find in any store," says Hester Street Fair co-founder SuChin Pak, also of Planet Green's G Word in a press release. She continues, below.

So, to give these first time entrepreneurs an opportunity to sell in one of the most venerated fashion institutions in New York is a dream.to give these first time entrepreneurs an opportunity to sell in one of the most venerated fashion institutions in New York is a dream.

Herbin Spoonful's caramel sauces were a favorite in unexpected flavors like lavender, chai, and habanero, sampled with pretzels. All you need is a small drizzle and they're a tasty mix of sweet and salty.

Millie PearTree Cupcakes & More was a hit with attendees who indulged in founder Millie Peartree's mini cupcakes topped with delicate flower frosting.

All photos: Emma Grady

When I first spotted Brooklyn-based BaconMarmalade's jars filled to the brim with the meaty condiment I was a little unsure of how TreeHugger readers would react. I can report that the bacon comes from 99% local Pennsylvania hogs, does not use antibiotics or growth hormones, and livestock comes directly from farmers.

Fortunately, if you missed the Hester Street Fair fun during Fashion's Night Out you can visit them back at their usual location on the corner of Hester and Essex St. in Manhattan on Saturdays, from 10am-6pm.

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