Happy Pi Day! It's a celebration of all things round

So why is Pi Day green? We have justified it by noting that " As Bucky Fuller would remind you, a circle encloses the maximum area per unit of perimeter, a sphere the maximum volume. It is theoretically the most efficient form," and we are all about efficiency. That's why we start with the Picycle, created by Tang Yau Hoong; it combines the efficiency (and round-ness) of the bike with Pi.

© James Lawrence Powell (used with permission)

Last year our roundup included this important Pi Chart, among other stories.

Evil Mad Scientists/CC BY 2.0

Two years ago we showed this trivot on which you can cool your pi.

Get on yer bike London/Promo image

Warren started it all in 2008 with his paean to his favorite thing that goes round, the bicycle.

In case you feel like baking, here is Kelly's recipe for Apple Pi.

via Core77/Screen capture

While we are discussing Apple Pi, you can join me as I Pi-le on Apple's new round headquarters.
Norman Foster explains Apple Headquarters, sort of
Apple's new headquarters are a vision of the future, from 1939
Our buildings, ourselves: The difference between Apple and Google, represented by their headquarters
One Ring to Bring Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them: Apple's New Headquarters

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