Garbage Art: Plastic Bags Come to Life

Air Bear, Garbage Bag Sculpture by Joshua Allen Harris

"Look, it's art!" exclaims a passer-by as the plastic garbage bags tossed in a pile on a New York Subway grate come to life.

Artist Joshua Allen Harris invites the viewer into a world where life and death cycles in time with the public transport system. TreeHugger meditation for a Saturday afternoon: what do you think about when you watch waste come to life, garbage art imitating nature, the unseen being seen?

Two more of our favorites over the fold.
Air Zoo, Garbage Bag Sculpture by Joshua Allen Harris

This one really captures how crazy our garbage-strewn landscapes are when not coming to life.

Cling, Garbage Bag Sculpture by Joshua Allen Harris

We tripped across the Garbage Art by accident at Urban Prankster, but it looks like the buzz started at NY Mag.

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