Funny Pages Go Green For Second Annual Earth Day Event

Photo credit: Sherman's Lagoon/King Features Syndicate

Does Mother Earth have a sense of humor? Thirty-seven of King Features' cartoonists are tickling the planet's funny bone by dedicating their strips to the environment on Earth Day.

Participating strips span the gamut, from America's most popular dailies, such as Blondie, Hagar the Horrible, Mutts, and Dennis the Menace, to up-and-comers like Arctic Circle, Pajama Diaries, Ollie and Quentin, and Sherman's Lagoon. Click below the fold for some of our favorites.

Photo credit: Mother Goose & Grimm/King Features Syndicate

Photo credit: Ollie & Quentin/King Features Syndicate

Photo credit: Mutts/King Features Syndicate

Photo credit: Arctic Circle/King Features Syndicate
All of King Features' Earth Day-themed strips will be available online at on April 22, 2009. The comics will be continuously updated each day and will remain accessible via a 30-day archive.
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