Fidoodle: Jigsaw Puzzle Puppets, Blocks, and Dolls With Stories to Tell

Photo credit: Fidoodle
Fidoodle is in the business of making stories. Featuring the hip painted scrawls of Toronto-based illustrator Jen Bulthuis, Fidoodle's jigsaw-puppet puzzles put a new spin on old yarns like the Grecian myth of Icarus, Cinderella, and the Tortoise and the Hare.

The characters, which are handprinted with nontoxic inks on sustainably harvested Baltic birch, can be attached to the included wooden sticks to become puppets, or tacked to the refrigerator as interactive magnets. The twist in the tale? Your child can go off-script, mixing and matching the detachable heads and bodies to create a whole new cast of characters to star in a story entirely of his or her making. Fidoodlers can also fidoodle away with wooden blocks that are two toys in one. The country and city-themed pieces are building blocks on one side and parts of a puzzle on the other. (Hint: The completed puzzle in printed on top of the recycled cardboard packaging.) Kids can also cuddle up to animal softies and pillows, handprinted on organic cotton and stuffed with wool.

The toys are available online at Etsy and select U.S. and Canadian retailers.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Photo credit: Fidoodle

Photo credit: Fidoodle

Photo credit: Fidoodle

Photo credit: Fidoodle
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