Fake Trees Art Installation is a Home for Migrating Birds in Chile

Photos: Courtesy of Claudio Magrini and Emilio Marin.

Here's a good example of how art, landscape design and architecture can team with ecological concepts to create something that is both pleasant to the eye and good for the environment surrounding it. These 'fake trees' were designed by Chilean architects Claudio Magrini and Emilio Marin to improve the visuals on a road leading to Santiago, while inviting migrating birds to feel less interrupted by the route and more at home in their way. More photos inside.The project is the result of a contest by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works that seeks to promote a closer relationship between art and vial infrastructure.

In this occasion, the art was meant for a route between rivers Aconcagua and Maipo-Mapocho, which connects the mountains with the sea and is usually used by migrating birds.

Taking into account that a highway is obviously traumatic enough to birds, architects Magrini and Marin along with collaborator Rene Mendoza thought of an installation that could be an 'ecological bridge' to birds. The resulting metal trees in the pictures have little bird houses and accessories of different sizes to invite birds in.

The project was supervised by an accredited ornithologist (bird-watcher) and is now subject to a more in-depth analysis to see if it actually works in improving the birds passing by. Architects are planning to perform this with an ornithology student shortly.

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