A Picture is Worth... Surfriders' Catch of the Day

How about freshly "caught" fillets of condoms, a plastic surprise or Styrofoam bites? Here are a few examples of "Catch of the Day," a guerrilla ad campaign sponsored by Surfrider Foundation to educate people at farmers' markets about the amount and kinds of pollution dumped into our seas.

Working with the ad giant Saatchi & Saatchi, real life trash was collected from various beaches in America (the condoms are from Newport Beach, California), packaged to look like seafood and then offered at various farmers' markets.

(We seriously wonder if the ad execs from Saatchi collected the condoms or if they made the surfers do it. Ick.)

Jump over the fold to see what other kinds of "goodies" one can collect from the sea. There is also an educational video from Surfrider worth viewing.
Plastic Surprise from Galveston Beach, Texas

Styrofoam Bites from Long Beach, California

Aerosol Cans from South Padre Island, Texas

Butts and Bits from Venice Beach, California

Surfrider Foundation film offered through their website

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