7 Ways To Save the World with Google Earth on Your iPhone

Coordinate Recycling Efforts and Clean-Up Locations

Using Google Earth is a great way to plot out and coordinate efforts for clean-up days and recycling efforts. Gather up teams of people, fly over local areas and map out territories for clean-ups. The Google Earth tool can make it easier than ever to "Think Global, Act Local."

Become a Desktop Darwin

If you were to discover something rare and fragile through Google Earth, you wouldn’t be the first. It is definitely possible. Chris Simpson did it when he discovered a rare fringing coral reef in Australia. Luca Mori h found the remains of a Roman villa. What treasures in need of protection might you find while cruising the globe on your iPhone while enjoying a cup of organic shade-grown coffee in your local café?

Plot out Hiking Trips to Appreciate the Great Outdoors

Nothing reinvigorates the drive for conservation like hiking to the pinnacle of a mountain and looking around. Reconnecting to what it is we work to preserve helps to bolster enthusiasm for making changes in our daily lives and getting more active in conservation. Here, you can see I’ve plotted out one of my favorite hikes. You can mark off your own great hike and share it with friends, or find somewhere new to explore for your next eco-friendly camping trip.

Verify Where Your Food is From

Get a better appreciation of what you eat and make informed grocery decisions by checking out where your food is coming from. While in the store trying to decide on which cage-free eggs to buy, fly to the ranch where the chickens are raised and check them out. Here, I flew to a ranch that was selling meat and dairy at a local farmers market to see if their location looked like it practiced what the farmers preached. Products that profess to be eco-friendly might really end up being a factory farm. You can use Google Earth in the grocery isles to find out.

Video on the Google Earth iPhone app

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