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Today, on Planet 100, San Francisco considers mandatory radiation labeling on cell phones, BP redesigns their logo, and polar bears get a new protected home in Alaska.Radiation Nation
While the jury is still out on whether cell phones emit radiation, San Francisco is not taking the chance of a future discovery that cell phones are indeed frying our brains and they did nothing to regulate it.

The city is days away of from creating a new law requiring retailers to show the Specific Absorption Rate, or how much of a cell phone's emitted radiation is pulled into the user's body. If the information isn't displayed, the store is fined $300.

Mayor Gavin Newsome believes the legislation will encourage manufacturers to redesign their devices to function at lower radiation levels.

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Brand Damage
Public outrage continues to grow as the oil spill continues its flow through the Gulf of Mexico and some people are channeling their anger into artistic statements and cleverly redesigned BP logos.

Ironic puns, iconic images and clever melding has shown that there's no end to the creativity of photoshoppers everywhere. Several contest are being held contests to solicit the best redesigns including Greenpeace.

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Polar Enemy
Despite the ongoing disaster in the Gulf, oil industry advocates in Alaska have taken issue with a proposal by the US Fish and Wildlife Service's to designate a polar bear reserve the size of California as polar bear critical habit. As polar bears spend most of their time on Arctic ice, 95% of this territory is marine.

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