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Today, on Planet 100, Obama scrambles to facilitate the oil spill containment and cleanup effort, Vladamir Putin calls for the removal of oil waste from the Arctic, and more news comes in from the Great Atlantic Garbage Patch.Oily Obama
It was April Fool's Day when President Obama announced an expansion of offshore oil exploration in the Atlantic, Alaska and The Gulf Mexico. But the offshore disaster he now finds himself is no laughing matter.

President Obama flew to Louisiana yesterday to assess the threat to large stretches of the Gulf coastline including fragile coastal wetlands after millions of gallons of crude oil spilled from the remains of an offshore oil rig. Experts say the spill is on track to become the worst US oil disaster of all time, eclipsing the Exxon Valdez incident of 1989.

Since the spill, the administration has drawn harsh criticism from all sides for continuing to promote marine oil exploration when safer alternatives are currently available but lacking federal support.

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Arctic Warrior
Not to be outdone by Obama's clean-up operation, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered the removal of a million abandoned barrels of Soviet-era fuel which threaten an environmentally sensitive region in the Arctic.

Putin visited the Russian archipelago of Franz Josef Land, some 600 miles from the North Pole. Bundled in Arctic gear, Putin released a pair of Persian leopards into the wild and attached a satellite-tracking tag onto the neck of a tranquilized male polar bear and shook its paw—a mixed message given Putin's stated interest in exploiting the region for rich natural resources that are now accessible due to melting arctic ice.

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New Garbage Patch
The Great Pacific garbage patch may have got some high profile PR, after David De Rothchild skyped Oprah from the middle of the ocean on Earth Day.

But news has just surfaced of a second gyre, The Great Atlantic Garbage Patch, confirmed by researchers Anna Cummins and Marcus Erikson while sailing from Bermuda to Azores - who dredged up plastic samples every 100 miles.

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