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Today, Planet 100 looks into the future and offers a prediction of what the planet might look like during the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.Manhattan Tsunami Warning
As protestors continue their vigil to save the last tract of Brazilian rainforest, there's news just in that a giant ice sheet has broken off the Arctic coast putting New York on tsunami warning.

Months of unseasonably warm weather has seen Manhattan submerged in water twice in the past twelve months. The massive clean-up operation has cost the city an estimated $100 billion in damages with many residents permanently relocating to higher ground.

This sobering news of yet another runaway ice sheet falls upon the 50th anniversary on Earth Day. Now here's Katherine Goldstein with Web Vine.

Extinct Plastic Animals
A Toy giant's announcement that it will be releasing plastic action figures of animals that have gone extinct for the 50th anniversary of earth day has drawn mixed reactions.

Polar Bears, Tigers and Komodo Dragons, among several others will be sold. The company claims that the toys are meant to educate children about species that have been lost but some environmentalists think the toymaker is just cashing in on an earth day gimmick.

Los Angeles 100% Solar
The City of Angels has something to celebrate this Earth Day becoming the first urban metropolis to go 100% solar. With Westwood becoming the last area to wean itself off fossil fuel based power yesterday, Los Angeles will set the standard for cities across the world and is a testament to the power of collaboration between local government, utilities and the community.

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