Today on Planet 100: CIA Spies on Polar Ice Sheets (Video)

Today on Planet 100 the CIA monitors melting glaciers with satellites, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is called a climate change skeptic by the New Yorker, and toxic monkeys in Nepal could help scientists better understand urban pollution. A recently re-opened government program facilitates CIA spies in providing important data to climate scientists. Acquired with the Agency's satellite network, the data paints a more detailed picture of the planet than similar analysis from other satellites.

You won't see it in advertising for Whole Foods, but the company's founder and CEO, John Mackey, is a strong libertarian who is not afraid to talk about his opinions. In a recent profile in the New Yorker, Mackey's views on climate change—namely, that no scientific consensus exists—has brought his personal beliefs into the spotlight.

Finally, a look at new research being conducted on monkeys in Nepal. Scientists believe that macaques, especially younger individuals, experience a similar level of exposure to urban toxins as humans, making them excellent sentinels for studies of urban toxicity.

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