The Annual Green Whine: It's Time To Lose The Fireworks

Oh No Mommy! Will the Greenies Take Fireworks Away From Us?

They are shooting off fireworks for Canada Day tonight, and the Fourth of July is not far behind, so it's time to bring out our annual whine about how bad fireworks really are for the environment. It brings out the best in our commenters ("Eat my buttcheeks!" is typical) but one cannot escape the fact that the glorious lights fire over a quarter of a million pounds of perchlorates, barium, antimony, strontium and other toxic heavy metals into the atmosphere, falling back into our soil and our water systems. So for your reading pleasure we present:

2006: The Prettiest Pollutants
2007: Fireworks: Fun for the Whole Family or Dangerous Water Contaminants?
2008: Fireworks: The Annual Whine About Their Environmental Impact
2009: Oh No Mommy! Will the Greenies Take Fireworks Away From Us?
2009: Fireworks: Ungreen Or A Necessary Part Of Ringing In The New Year?
2009: Fireworks Fizzle or Fizzle Shizzle?
2010: Turkish Town Bans Fireworks to Save Sea Turtles

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