Photos of Subaru R1e Electric Car in New York City

Our friends at Jalopnik weren't too impressed with Subaru's press event for the R1e, but they did get a bunch of press photos of the electric car driving around New York City, plus a few shots of the interior and what's under the hood.

For more on the Subaru R1e, see Subaru Tests R1e Electric Car in New York City, Previews G4e and Subaru Joins Electric Car Race with R1e. Photos below the fold.

You can see more over at Jalopnik.

An interesting tidbit from the Subaru press release:

Service life for the high-density lithium-ion battery is estimated at 10 years and 130,000 miles, another environmental benefit of Subaru technology. The battery pack is also designed to be easily recycled. The laminated battery packs are flat, rather than cylindrical, and can fit in a space four inches high, offering EV manufacturers wide latitude in vehicle design and packaging for better weight balance. The battery's basic design and composition consist of laminate, manganese, and lithium ion.

About battery recycling, see ::Here's What Happens to a Tesla Electric Car Battery at the End of its Life
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