Out-of-box Workstation by Planet 3:

Collin and I first saw a picture of this in a booth at ICFF, but could not find any information on it at the time. Now we learn that it is a workstation design from Planet 3 Studios in Mumbai, a "a young, internationally award winning practice represents the vanguard of future-forward design in India." It packs a complete workstation, including files and required technology, into one towable package. No more being chained to a cube, you can now take your cube with you!

Folded up, it looks easy to move.

Often, office systems are made of flat panels that have to be assembled by systems experts. Three dimensional systems like this can enclose computers and personal belongings, sealing them up when you are not there.

It accommodates two people- the file cabinet pulling out on one side provides the knee space for the other side. That is truly efficient use of space. Planet 3 Studios via ::Gizmodo watch a seven minute video about its design here; the Christmas music only lasts a short time.

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