Greenpeace Campaign Calls for Energized, "Badass" Politicians to Fight CO2

Greenpeace/Video screen capture

"I'm just a public servant. But I'm also a badass!"

So goes the refrain of our animated hero in a new campaign video from Greenpeace UK, which aims to pressure European politicians to take serious action on climate change. Created as part of the EUvsCO2 campaign, the video calls on voters to tell EU Politicians to vote in favour of curbing new car emissions.

Greenpeace/Screen capture

With European parliament set to vote on new emissions rules in the coming days, Greenpeace is stepping up the pressure by demanding:

- Car efficiency targets of at least 95g CO2/km by 2020 without any loopholes like super-credits or time delays

- Challenging 2025 car efficiency targets that ensure carmakers mass produce the ultra-low carbon vehicles we need

Whether or not these demands will be heard remains to be seen, but if Greenpeace's action hero is anything to go by, it should be a compelling fight. In a somewhat surprise move, Britain's biggest motoring organization—the Royal Automobile Club (RAC)—is also calling for a new car CO2 emissions target nearing 60 g/km by 2025.

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