Elon Musk to The Oatmeal: 'Happy to help' with $8 million Tesla museum

Nikola Tesla
Public Domain Nikola Tesla

Who doesn't love a story that ends well? This is a follow up to our recent article about web cartoonist The Oatmeal's review of the Tesla Model S, which included a plea for Elon Musk's help to fully fund a Nikola Tesla museum project (more about the project here).

Twitter/Screen capture

It's not clear if Musk will donate the full $8 million himself or help raise funds (I'm sure he has many wealthy connections) or what, but when Musk wants something done, it usually gets done one way or another, so the Tesla Museum has a very good chance of seeing the light of day!

Public domain/Public Domain

Here's the original story for context.

The Oatmeal/Screen capture

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