Climate Skeptic Threatened by Greens? Or Maybe Not...

Just as the hubub over climate skeptic James Delingpole's drubbing at the hands of Sir Paul Nurse begins to die down, another prominent UK skeptic appears to be having a hard time of it. Former childrens' TV presenter and climate skeptic Johnnie Ball was widely reported as receiving threats—including suggestions that he "should not be allowed near children"—and attempts to sabotage his career. Leo Hickman over at The Guardian was quick to condemn the alleged threats from "climate zealots", but it now turns out that this may be as much a case of media hyperbole as extremist activism. To both Hickman and Ball's credit, they have since been in correspondence, and it turns out Ball never attributed the attacks to environmentalists—and has complained to some of the papers that he says misreported him as doing so. Maybe calls for civility in the climate debate are being heeded after all...

Tags: Activism | Global Climate Change | United Kingdom


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