Innovative Ways To Save Water:The Inflatable Shower Curtain

We love showing innovative ways to save water. When Elisabeth Buecher of Central Saint Martins College was given the design brief "How can your shower fight water overconsumption in either a disturbing or a gorgeous way, using innovative materials, printing techniques and inflatable technology?" She responded:

This shower curtain slowly inflates around you while you shower. It leaves you only a few minutes to take your shower before trapping you. She claims "My Shower curtain is a green warrior"

Clearly none of her teachers told her about the evils of PVC or the dangers of suffocation but hey, that's why we go to school. Elisabeth has a great future in Orwellian Britain, saying:

An alarm clock is not what we can call a pleasurable object. It is often even painful to be awoken by it. However it is a necessary object, which regulates our lives and the society. That's what I call the "design for pain and for our own good". Some of my designs seem to constrain people, acting like an alarm clock, awaking people to the consciousness of their behaviour and giving them limits. People often need an external signal to behave more. In France the government added thousands of new radars on the roads to fight excessive speed. And it worked: there are far less people killed on the roads of France today. I call it "design of threat and punishment" and I use it as an educational tool.

More at Textile Futures via MocoLoco

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