Tree Tape For Kids Measures CO2 In Cheeseburgers, Pints of Lager

All images credit Nitipak Samsen

London designer Nitipak Samsen has designed a very clever tree measuring tape for children. He tells us: "This tape translates how much CO2 absorbed in the tree into the amount of activities rather than grams of CO2, e.g. 1 hour on a flight or 2 days of breathing."

Generously, he has offered it as a free download.

It is actually rather sophisticated; different trees in different climates sequester carbon at different rates, so he lets you chose your tree and print out the appropriate tape, at his website here. You also get to chose the unit of measurement, whether it is air travel, cheeseburgers or pints of lager.

You cut it out with a matte knife;

glue the two pieces together and get measuring. Clever and the price is right; another example of what you can do with downloadable designs. Try it at
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