Tech Chest Turns Luggage Into Hide-Away Computer Case

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We love finding computers in unique spaces that make them more of an heirloom item than a disposable tool. And here is one where you'll have no idea a computer is inside until you pop it open. One part neat upcycling, and one part late-1800s James Bond, this PC case is fantastic.
Rob Higareda built a functional computer inside a trunk. Funny thing is, it's a new trunk made to look old. It would have been more fun if it had been found in a thrift shop somewhere - or even better, at a garage sale where there might have been a good story to go along with it - but when a Hobby Lobby fits the bill, well, go for it.

Using wooden brackets and rubber spacers, Higareda fit everything into the trunk, and cut air holes for ventilation. The computer is used for web browsing - and if he could have gotten the screen fit in there, we call it a laptop!

It's great to see computers that skip as much metal and plastic as possible, so the focus is on upgradable components. Hopefully this homemade PC mod will be around for a good long time. And, it makes for great inspiration for interesting objects to hack as PC cases.

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