Sneakers for Geeks and Hackers Are Made form Recycled Computer Chips

Images via Gabriel Dishaw

Are these the dream sneaks for green geeks? Maybe. They're at the very least a cool creation by Gabriel Dishaw, junk-metal artist extraordinaire, who fashioned these shoes out of pieces of computers and typewriters, with only glue and metal bending techniques to keep the pieces held together. Dishaw has made replicas of five of his favorite shoe styles.

They aren't exactly wearable, lacking comfort (they weigh 15 pounds) and likely also lacking safety from various metals and materials you wouldn't want next to your skin. But they still make quite the fashion statement.

The "Blazer Pentium 1.0" shoes took three weeks to create, and come complete with a carrying case.

Via Ecouterre via Gizmodiva
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