OLED Touchscreen Light Switch Monitors Power Use

Photos via Yanko Design

OLED technology, as we know, is gaining ground as a great low-power display option. Designers are already latching on to it and creating products that use as little power as possible. The innovation is just getting started, a fact highlighted by this interesting concept design - an interactive touchscreen light switch that rates you on your energy consumption.

Called the OEI, or Our Energy Information, the concept gadget by Rocco Avallone is basically a power monitor but with a very low-energy colorful and animated display that makes reading energy use fun, interesting, and understandable.

It can also receive community information so you can see how your consumption measures up to your neighbors'.

Plus, it's a light switch, so it puts it in a place where you're sure to look at and think about energy consumption - and that's likely where it also gets the necessary power to receive and process information.

Why OLED and not e-paper, we're not sure. Either way, it's not likely to come to fruition soon, but still a great idea, and inspiring to see this kind of thinking.

Via Yanko Design
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