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Getting Around: Public Transit, Walking and Biking

Make Bicycling Breezy

Velo $2.99 For cities that have bike sharing programs, this app helps you immediately locate nearby bikes or free spaces to park your bike. Supported cities are in Europe.

Bike Your Drive by REI
Using your phone's GPS, this app calculates how much gas you saved by not driving, how many calories you burned, and carbon you saved. You can geotag photos you take along your ride, find out speeds, elevations and a lot more. In other words, your ride becomes even more interesting.

Keep track of every part of your bike, including measurements, so finding replacement parts is a breeze. Perfect for people who take apart their bikes often for travel. Also includes a bike news RSS feed.

Find What's Around You and Go Take A Walk

Path Tracker $1.99 Track your walks, including time traveled, average speed, elevation and more. Good for tracking not only walks but also hikes, runs, bike routes and so on.

The app quickly identifies where you are and shows you the nearest bank, hotel, movie theater, restaurant, market and so on. With nearby businesses so easy to locate, you might be more inclined to walk or bike to what's close, rather than drive to what isn't.

Easily an app that can be customized for green thanks to user generated content, Nearby gives you location-based notes, photos and stories about everything close to where you are. An excellent way to explore your city and find out things you had no idea existed, but were right around the corner from you.

Find out what businesses are around you, pin down what you're searching for, and then access a map that traces the best route for you to take to get there. Only problem is it gives driving directions. We'd like to see it expanded to include walking, biking and public transit directions.

Hop a Bus, Train or Carpool

New York Nearest Subway $1.99 Using your phone's camera, this augmented reality app shows you exactly where the nearest subway is and helps you navigate through the underground lines. Hold your phone in front of you and start walking. More cities are available, and even more on their way. AcrossAir also has an augmented reality app for shops and restaurants - we'd love it if this were specifically geared towards green/sustainable/organic businesses (cough, hint hint, cough).

$0.99 - $3.99
Search train and subway stations, find schedules, access maps, and find the nearest stations with this app. iTrans has apps for several major cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and more, and prices vary for each app.


Based on public Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), it estimates arrival times of buses, subways and trains. Supports multiple cities across United States, Canada and Australia.

Access schedules for 13 major train and public transportation lines across the country. More agencies are added periodically. Get offline schedules, trip schedules, free schedule updates, maps and more.

Calling itself "an experiment in social transportation," it is a rideshare app. Coordinate driving plans by indicating where you are going, when, and post your ride, then you're matched with other people who're going your way. Carpooling made (nearly) effortless.

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