Jump Rope With Flash Light in Handle Harvests Energy While You Skip

Images via Yanko Design

Ahhh...another kinetic energy concept design. This time, designers Hyun Joo Lee & Eu Tteum Lee have put a flash light in the handle of a jump rope so you can skip your way to a brighter life. Handy new gadget, or more electronic junk?If you need a flashlight, you're not going to jump for it. If you're using a jump rope, you're probably not in need of a flashlight. Which makes this essentially a kids toy with an extra feature that only adds to the (likely toxic) materials going into a product that will be put in the toy chest or worse, left outside in the weather so that it breaks and gets (most likely) tossed into the trash rather than e-cycled.

Sure, it might work to harvest kinetic energy with a jump rope so that we can power a flash light, but it doesn't mean the actual product does us any good.

Seems like this would be a waste of materials should it ever come to market.

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