If Wall-E Were a Space Ship, He'd Look Like This

Images from Pink Tentacle

Masakatsu Sashie has created some incredible artwork that shows an unfortunate future in which we've created alternate living spaces from the consumerist materials we're churning out now, and hovering above a planet we've destroyed. A complete downer, but nonetheless fodder for these beautiful pieces.
Pink Tentacle frames the paintings wonderfully:

The giant orbs, which seem to be self-contained worlds unto themselves, are pieced together from the scraps of old Showa-period buildings and bits of consumer culture, such as vending machines, pachinko parlors, fast food signs, and video game components. Part retro and part sci-fi, the orbs appear to hover gracefully between the worlds of a nostalgic past and a dystopian future.

Check out more of these inspired images at Pink Tentacle or Sashie's website.

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