Honda's Cute Seated Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a seated electric scooter, then you are going to love this!

Honda has been showcasing this little gem since last summer. The electric Moped-EV is designed specifically with in-city commuting, and designers kept its size down accordingly.

Weight and Battery Make It As Fast As A Gas Scooter

The bantam weighs only 44kg (just under 100lb) and employs an innovative nickel hydrogen battery to store 360 watt-hours of energy (compared to your digital camera's battery, which holds around 3.5 watt-hr). This gives the little seated scooter enough kick to climb a twelve-degree incline, and rocket off the line with acceleration and range comparable to a similar gas scooter.

In addition to the new battery style, the Moped-EV has a lever-based throttle system which is easier for novice riders (like us) to get a handle on. Even cooler, the electric motor allows for regenerative breaking, and battery re-charging when coasting down long hills. Honda hopes to further develop this concept with fuel cells in the future.

Sadly This Scooter Isn’t For Sale Yet

Sorry, no word yet on when they will just sell us these things already; It's only a prototype so far. If you want something that is already on the market, you should check out Yamaha’s Seated Electric Scooter that folds in half! Update: See also The 7 Best Electric Scooters: From Prototypes to Production ModelsMore On Honda’s Seated Scooter PrototypeMoped-EV by HondaSeated Electric ScootersVectrix’s Super Fast Electric Scooter – 62 MPHElectric Scooter With iPod CradleElectric BikesSchwinn's New Line of Electric BikesThe $350 Electric Commuter BikeMore Honda ArticlesRumor: Honda Might Revive Insight Name for New Hybrid CarProduction of Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Car Begins


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