Awesome Art for Green Geeks - Mona Lisa Made of Motherboards

Photo via Sebr

Give it up for recycled art. This Mona Lisa is in the lobby of the headquarters of ASUS in Peitou, Taiwan. It looks like a photomosaic, but the pixilated Mona Lisa is a bit more geeky than that. Check out more photos after the jump.
Photo via johnkoetsier

The complete piece of art is fairly huge, and makes sense from far away. The face isn't exactly detailed, but how much can you expect when you're working with computer components. It's impressive!

Photo via Mark McLaughlin

As you get up close the details fade and you see exactly what pieces make up the different parts of the "painting." Talk about digital artwork!

Photo via sifter

A very cool reuse of computer pieces.

Via Technabob
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