What Happens When a Kayak has Sex with a Velomobile?

Photo: David Buchwaldek
Human Powered Electric Amphibious Vehicle (HEPAV)
A velomobile is a "a human-powered vehicle, enclosed for aerodynamic advantage and protection from weather and collisions, [...] derived from recumbent bicycles and tricycles." The list of features doesn't usually include the ability to move on both land and water, but Czech inventor David Buchwaldek's HEPAV is of a new breed. In fact, it is kind of like the offspring of an electric-assist trike and a kayak.
Photo: David Buchwaldek

Buchwald told Wired that he "envisions the HEPAV being used as a sustainable personal transport for residents of close-together islands -- even as a method of crossing the English Channel."

Photo: David Buchwaldek

Unlike most velomobiles, the HEPAV has has steering wheel (with hydraulic steering).

Photo: David Buchwaldek

Photo: David Buchwaldek

In this video you can see the HEPAV velomobile go in the water:

amphibian velomobile from Jan Jan on Vimeo.

Via Esoteric-David.eu, Recumbant Gallery, Wired
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