Toyota to Bring Electric Version of Scion iQ to U.S. in 2012

Photo: Toyota

Think Small

Toyota has been a laggard so far in the 100% electric car market despite its decade-long leadership in hybrid vehicles. It looks like its big plan to catch up with its rivals (especially Nissan, GM, and Ford) is to start small with the Scion iQ (known as the Toyota iQ in other parts of the world), its smallest car.

Photo: Toyota

Indeed, Toyota has revealed at a dealer meeting in Las Vegas that an electric version of the Scion iQ would be coming to the U.S. in 2012 (which, if you do the simple math, means that it should be here in at most 18 months).

Photo: Toyota

The Scion iQ EV will most probably target urban buyers who rarely drive far, since the electric range is estimated at around 50 miles. That will be perfect for some people, but it will limite the the appeal with those who like more range 'just in case'.

This is a sign that Toyota will probably come out with another electric car with a longer range, or that it will keep focusing on plug-in hybrid for a while (like the Prius plug-in hybrid).

Photo: Toyota

Photo: Toyota

Via Toyota

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