Tesla Model X prototype spotted in the wild with little camouflage

Tesla Model X Prototype
© Kosh K/Tesla Motors Club

In a recent post, I shared a video showing an electric Model X being tested on a closed track, but it was filmed from far away and it had body camouflage that made it look a bit strange:

Still you could clearly see the overall shape of what we can assume is a beta version of the Model X (more like a slightly taller and fatter car than a SUV, or even most crossovers). It looks pretty similar to the early renderings that were unveiled in 2012, but no doubt with many tweaks (Elon Musk promised that the final version would look "cooler" than what we had been shown).

© Tesla Motors

In the recent shareholder letter, Elon Musk wrote that "over 30 Beta Model X vehicles have been built and are undergoing extensive testing." This is to be expected as we're coming closer to the release date of the Model X.

Some lucky Tesla fans seem to have actually spotted one of these beta EVs in the wild, and surprisingly, it doesn't look like Tesla camouflaged them much (which is a common practice by automakers). There are no logos, some parts are taped up, and a few things look a little strange (from one angle one of the windows looks a bit off), but this is probably as close to the finished product as we'll be able to get until Tesla itself decides to show one.

Here are the other photos:

© Kosh K/Tesla Motors Club

© Kosh K/Tesla Motors Club

© Kosh K/Tesla Motors Club

© Kosh K/Tesla Motors Club

© Kosk K/Tesla Motors Club

And here's the photo at the top of this post, but with the brightness cranked way up so that we can better see what's going on with the front end (remember, there's a trunk under the hood):

© Kosh K/Tesla Motors Club

Via Tesla Motors Club (thanks yobigd20!)

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