Tesla Model S 'Alpha Build' Hits the Road (Video)

Photo: Screen grab from Tesla promo video

See It In Motion

Life is all about change. Since the first official (and leaked) images of the Tesla Model S electric car were released, the 'S' has kept evolving. It's still mostly the same car, but details have been tweaked (compare the photo above to the one below, especially the creases in the lateral body panels and the details of the front fascia). The 'alpha build' of the Model S is now functional, and you can see it driving around in the video below. It's quite a beauty.

Model S Alpha Hits the Road from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

Small Cosmetic Improvements Since Early Design

Here's a pic of the original Model S showcar prototype. Notice how the sides are shaped differently. In my opinion, it's an improvement.

The Tesla Model S electric car. Click the image above to see our Tesla Model S slideshow.

And here are some pics of the aluminum frame of the 'alpha buil' that I took at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show:

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

For more info about the Model S frame, see this post: Tesla Model S Alpha Build Frame.

Via Tesla

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