Tesla Electric Roadster v2.5: The iPhone 4 of Electric Cars

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Sadly, It Still Costs an Arm and a Leg

Hot on the heels of its quarter-billion dollars IPO, Tesla Motors is opening two new stores in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Newport Beach, California, and unveiling a refreshed version of its all-electric Roadster (version 2.5, for those keeping track). What has changed? Read on for more details and photos.

Photo: Tesla Motors

Incremental Improvements

If you're expecting major changes, you'll have to wait for the Model S electric sedan to come out, or for whatever is going to be replacing the Roadster after its production run ends in 2012. But like the iPhone 4, the new Roadster is more of the same, but with incremental improvements. Tesla has fixed some of the complaints that have been voiced by Roadster owners, not too much to for with such an expensive vehicle

Photo: Tesla Motors

Cosmetic Changes to the Tesla Roadster

The first thing you'll notice are the exterior changes. There's a new front fascia with diffusing vents and a rear diffuser. They match the design language of the Model S more closely than before, though it's not quite identical (the Tesla badge isn't located on the same spot on the new Roadster and the Model S).

Tesla now also offers "directional forged wheels available in both silver and black".

Photo: Tesla Motors

Changes Inside the Tesla Roadster

The interior has been improved too. New seats with improved comfort, larger more supportive bolsters and a new lumbar support system replace the old seats. There's also an optional 7" touchscreen display and a back-up camera.

The power control hardware has also been tweaked to handle "exceptionally hot climates", and a few tweaks to sound insulation should make the cabin even quieter than before.

Photo: Tesla Motors

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