Sporty Loremo Diesel will Have Electric Version Too

Straight from the source, the Loremo blog: "we plan to make an electric Loremo available together with the launch of our Diesel models at the beginning of 2010." The engine output will be approximately 20 kilowatts, with short-term bursts of 40 kilowatts possible, which should be enough for such a light and aerodynamic car. "In regular mode the E-Loremo is likely to consume 6kwh/100km, equivalent to the power value of 0.6 litres of diesel fuel." In comparison, the diesel version should do 2 liters/100km. Top speed for the E-Lomero should be about 170 kph (105 mph).

"The battery capacity hasn't yet been finally specified, however, the goal is a mobility range of around 150 to 200 kilometers [93 to 124 miles]. According to current German e-power rates, round about 1 EURO will buy 100 kilometers of range!" A prototype of the E-Loremo should be ready in mid-2008, but too late for the Geneva Motor Show. Read on for more pictures of the wundercar.

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::Loremo Official Blog, via ::Loremo will go all-electric, skipping this year's Geneva Motor Show

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