Pocahontas Gets a New Hydrogen Car!

Q'orianka Kilcher with her new Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen-powered car. Photo: Honda
Q'orianka Kilcher Gets a New Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Car
Green actress Q'orianka Kilcher, know for her role of Pocahontas, has been driving a first generation Honda FCX fuel cell car since she was 17 (see photo below). But that was 2 years ago, and her lease was up, so she decided to renew with the new generation of Honda FCX Clarity. "Since my first car was the Honda FCX, I am proud to say that I have never pumped a gallon of gasoline," said Kilcher. "As a young person, I feel it is my responsibility to always try my best to think about the consequences of my actions and choices as a consumer, and the impact they have on our planet." More below.
That's the first generation Honda FCX. Not quite as sexy as the new one. Photo: ABG

Of course, the FCX Clarity isn't exactly easy to get your hands on. Honda is pretty selective, and if you aren't a celebrity, you probably won't get your over-sized FCX key and photo-op, but if you can get one, the the three year contract will be $600/month, including maintenance and insurance. Not too bad for a car that is probably worth more than a few Ferraris.

And even if hydrogen probably shouldn't be our main R&D; investment right now, it's certainly not a bad thing for companies to develop expertise with fuel cells (which can be used in things other than light cars), electric motors, refueling stations (at least this one is solar-powered!), etc.

Via Honda, Autobloggreen
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