Pininfarina-Bolloré Bluecar EV Confirmed for June 2010

Photo: Photo: Pininfarina/Bolloré

Some News on the European Electric Car

The Bluecar electric vehicle by Pininfarina and Bolloré (which used to be called the B0) has proved fairly popular for a car that can't be bought yet. Back in April, Pininfarina claimed that it had received 3,300 reservations, and that number now stands at 6,400.

Photo: Photo: Pininfarina/Bolloré

6 Months Later, Fewer Electric Cars

The latest news from Le Blog Auto (in French) are that it has been confirmed that the Bluecar EV will be sold in June 2010. Production will begin in March 2010, and only 1,000 Bluecars will be made in 2010 instead of the 10,000 initially planned.

The global economic crisis is blamed for this 6-month delay.

Photo: Photo: Pininfarina/Bolloré

But the good news is that customers will still be able to lease the Bluecar, and it's relatively cheap for such cutting edge technology: Only €330/month (around $485US/month). Since fuel costs will be lower than with a gasoline or diesel car, it's not that bad.

For more technical details on the Bluecar (battery, electric motors, range, etc), check out this post: Pininfarina and Bolloré Taking Orders for B0 Electric Car.

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Via Le Blog Auto (fr), AutoblogGreen

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