Photos of Production GM Volt Accidentally Leaked!

Oops, Photos of Production Volt Leaked
Finally, a look at the production version of the GM Volt plug-in hybrid. These are from a media site (explaining the guys in suits standing around - they are engineers who worked on the Volt), and according to the Detroit News, the leak was accidental.

Less Edgy, More Mainstream
As you can see above (and many more photos below), the production Volt is a lot less angular than the concept Volt. It looks a lot more like a normal car, taller and less sporty, but more practical. While some car nuts will mourn the loss of some of the distinctive traits of the concept volt, we're pretty sure that this new look, which is closer to the Mazda 3, will attract more buyers. Read on for more photos.

Update: GM Releases 2011 Chevy Volt Photos & Specifications! (Tons of Photos)

More photos on page 2!

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