Photos of Mitsubishi i MiEV Electric Car from New York Auto Show

Here are some photos of Mitsubishi's small electric car in New York, the i MiEV. For more detail you can see our previous coverage: MIEV: Mitsubishi Electric 4-wheel Drive Concept Car, Mitsubishi Delivers i MiEV Prototypes to Japanese Utilities for Testing, Mitsubishi Keeps Testing, Improving i MiEV Electric Car and Mitsubishi i-MiEV Electric Car to Go Global.

More photos below.

The four-door iMiEV can run for 80 miles on a full charge. Mitsubishi plans to begin selling the car in Japan to fleet customers in mid-2009 and to the general public in 2010, the company's managing director for product development, Tetsuro Aikawa, said Tuesday. The car will cost between $25,000 and $30,000 in Japan, or up to $7,000 more than its high-mileage, gas-powered counterpart, the i minicar.

Mitsubishi will bring the i MiEV to Europe and the US after 2010 if they determine that there is enough demand for it.

The iMiEV takes 14 hours to charge completely on a 110-volt home outlet, or seven hours to charge on a 220-volt outlet. Japan is developing quick-charge stations that will allow the car to be charged in 30 minutes

Photos: First two, SmartPlanet. Next four: Associated Press. Last three: Jalopnik.

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